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How is HSHH Funded?

90 % of everything involved in running the rescue is funded by income from my job. Supplies, vet care and operation costs are expensive. Sometimes, the remaining 10 % comes from donations either for supplies through the rescue's Amazon Wishlist or Chewy Wishlist  Cash donations through the PayPal account are sometimes made and are now tax deductible.  But what happens when no donations are coming in? I have had to create alternative ways to offset costs.


Please consider supporting Home Sweet Hammy Home by clicking any of the links on this page and visiting each option to help and thank you in advance.


The Fetch Rewards Program is a great way to help out with a benefit for YOU too! Fetch Rewards is easy! I have the app on my phone and use it to scan receipts and build up points to cash in for gift cards to pet supply stores. The incredible thing about this program is if you sign up under my unique referral code, I'll get points but so will you! You can then begin scanning all your receipts and earn points for YOU to cash in for gift cards.  Please consider signing up and use my unique referral code - "KQDJM" and get 2,000 points when you snap your first receipt. After you sign up, you will be given your own unique referral code to share with others and gain even more points. 


To offset costs of running the rescue I am creating planners, journals and notebooks, linked below, to sell on Amazon. Each one will bring in between $2 and $5 and will go directly into the rescue account. Also, we have just been approved for Amazon Smile!

Meal Planner

Weekly Planner

Book of Notes 

Hamster Idea Book

Hamster Care Planner 

Office Organizer


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