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 Available Pets

Below you will find a few of the featured adoptable pets in the rescue. 

 To view all of them please visit Home Sweet Hammy Home on

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Twilight and Morning Glory are a bonded pair of sisters who were among the 323 animals from the Humane Society Transport and originally part of a group of 4 sisters that were placed on a refrigerated truck on August 7, 2023 by the San Diego Humane society then driven to Arizona to "find their forever homes". 


That did not happen. Instead, upon arrival they were given to The Fertile Turtle, a reptile food supply business in Apache Junction. They lived there until September 2, 2023, and all 4 were among the 68 returned animals to the Tucson Humane Society where I cared for them daily as a volunteer, but sadly HSSA staff allowed 2 of the sisters to be adopted out on September 11. So, these girls were left depressed and were admitted into Home Sweet Hammy Home on Sept 14. Nothing is known about their past prior to being placed on that transport but they are loving their lives now as rehabilitated piggies in an appropriate cage with everything they need to thrive. Their adopter MUST be a special person who can continue their excellent care. To watch a video about the transport click HERE


To apply reach out by EMAIL HERE

Guinea Pigs Available for Adoption
Hamsters Available For Adoption

These darling little boys had the unfortunate luck of landing on the same transport as Twilight and Morning Glory listed above and Lito listed below. They have docile temperaments and enjoy their fully enriched bin cages they've lived in since admittance and which are available to purchase at the time of adoption.


They need patient adopters who don't expect them to tolerate handling, but instead who can earn their trust, build up a friendship and form a relationship of respect. Although they live separately now, they have progressed at the same rate and are no longer terrified of humans. If you would like to apply to adopt one of these boys click HERE


And to see a video about the transport click HERE  Please note in the video Cid Dwyer repeated a news story that stated incorrectly 7 hamsters were in the clinic receiving treatment for eye issues. What really happened is there was one Guinea pig named Guapa who had  hay poke in her eye, but somehow the information got mixed up. Actually, so much of the information for the whole transport got mixed up in news stories, in HSSA records, in the report by the private Investigator etc. But this isn't the place to list that all out. 

Lito is a scared little mouse who grew up during the entire transport situation. He was just a pinky when he was placed on that horrid transport and so was his brother, Zain. They lived their first month of life at the reptile supply feed business in a cage with 3 females, presumably one of them was their mother, and in fact the cage was labeled 5 adult female mice, for almost one month and all 5 were among the returned animals to HSSA. It is a miracle they survived being feeder mice to begin with. Zain is no longer available for adoption. He is extremely scared and runs immediately to hide if I even walk by his cage. Lito is a little better and will cautiously approach for treats and put on a bit of bravery to enter a cup and be transported to a play cage where I have been able to work with him on socialization. He'll need lots of patience and a compassionate adopter. To apply click HERE

To watch a video about the transport click HERE

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