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 Available Pets

Below you will find a few of the featured adoptable pets in the rescue. 

 To view all of them please visit Home Sweet Hammy Home on

our Adopt-a-Pet or Petfinder accounts

To see current videos and pictures and keep up with all that is happening at the rescue visit Instagram and  Facebook

Meet Bumble

Bumble is one of 2 skinny pigs here in the rescue home. Hairless guinea pigs have sweet natures and lovely personalities, but Bumble and his brother Simmy have been in the rescue for quite some time due to many factors; mainly their care is a bit more specialized than it would be for piggies who have hair. They need special accommodations to thrive along with twice the amount of food which means.... you guessed it, they poop twice as much! 

Not a very appealing adoption attraction, I know. But we are never in a hurry to adopt out any animal here and willing to wait for the PERFECT match. The boys have been treated like kings while being fostered if you think you could do the same reach out and we'll talk!

Guinea Pig For Adoption
Syrian Hamster For Adoption

Introducing Tino 

Tino is short for Valentino and that is because this handsome boy was intaken on Valentines Day. He has had plenty of time to adjust to rescue life and is absolutely thriving now, so his status has recently switched to available. If interested in finding out if Tino would be a good fit for you reach out and I will respond with phone interview slots.

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