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 Available Pets

Below you will find a few of the featured adoptable pets in the rescue. 

 To view all of them please visit Home Sweet Hammy Home on

our Adopt-a-Pet or Petfinder accounts

To see current videos and pictures and keep up with all that is happening at the rescue click

here for Instagram and here for Facebook


6 Male Dwarf Hybrid Hamsters
Available Now!

The New Intakes From California Have Arrived!

There are 2 videos about their entrance into this world and how they became a part of the

Home Sweet Hammy Home Rescue in AZ. 

Click HERE to watch the first one

and HERE to watch the second one

If interested in adopting one of these sweet boys, reach out and I'll get back to you ASAP with phone interview time slots.


Introducing Tino 

Tino is short for Valentino and that is because this handsome boy was intaken on Valentines Day. He has had plenty of time to adjust to rescue life and is absolutely thriving now, so his status has recently switched to available. If interested in finding out if Tino would be a good fit for you reach out and I will respond with phone interview slots.

 Syrian Hamster Home Sweet Hammy Home

California Shelter Hamsters 

There have now been 36 hamsters transferred to Home Sweet Hammy Home from California where they were in overcrowded shelters and scheduled to be euthanized.

 To watch videos of their rescue stories, 

click the buttons below. 



Out of the 36 hamsters brought here from California in this past year many were adopted and some became sanctuary residents.

 It has been a pleasure helping out so many hamsters in need and partnering with a network of individuals in California to get them transferred here to AZ. Please consider contributing to help us help more


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