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Frequently Asked Questions

 If you have a question not listed, reach out to get an answer, and I'll add it to this list ASAP. 



Where do the animals in your rescue come from?

Private surrenders, shelters, other rescues and pet stores who have had animals get sick and unable to be sold or have had animals relinquished to them whose owners could no longer keep.

Can I surrender my hamster, mouse or Guinea pig to you?

Please Note: Intake is CLOSED for 2024. 

Do you take in dogs, cats, birds, fish, reptiles or other rodents?

No. While I do love all animals, I can only provide services for hamsters, pet mice and Guinea pigs because I am most equipped to handle their care and accommodations. I will not bring in animals which I do not know about their care, nor will I add animals to the rescue that may pose a threat to the ones currently here.  For example, cats are risky around rodents and our 4 family dogs would pose a threat to cats so its unwise to take them in. I have to stick within my boundaries to prevent issues that may arise if I don't.    

So, what do I do if I can't take care of my pet?

If you are in Tucson, Az the Humane Society of Southern Arizona might be willing to accept surrenders of most animals. For dogs and cats only, Pima Animal Care Center might be able to help.  Neither option is guaranteed. Unfortunately, hundreds of animals enter their doors yearly and since rescues are full, both facilities are stretched thin.   


I live in Arizona and want to adopt but live in another city, do you deliver or ship?

No. I am not able to travel in order to adopt out to you, but you are welcome to apply to adopt and arrange to travel here on your scheduled adoption day.  Keep in mind, adoptions follow an entire procedure, and all requirements must be met in order to be approved to adopt.



I want to adopt but live in another state, do you deliver or ship?

No, I can't deliver or ship but there are rescues in other states that you can apply to adopt from or I recommend visiting shelters to find a new pet. Check out this page on Rachel's Got Hamsters to see a list of rescues that may be near you that has hamsters and other small animals to adopt. Or try a Google search to find out if there are animals in need of homes closer to your location. Another option is to utilize PETFINDER or ADOPT-A-Pet to search for adoptable pets. If you still would like to choose to peruse adoption with Home Sweet Hammy Home and do not mind traveling here to AZ, I am happy to work with you.


I want to adopt a pet today, can I get your address?

Actually, I have a long adoption process that takes several days depending on where you are at in your hamster care or small pet journey, so same day adoptions are not possible. The first step in the adoption process is to schedule an interview by phone so we can discuss hamster, pet mice or Guinea pig knowledge and care. If you are ready to do that send an EMAIL HERE and I'll get back to you asap to get the process started. 

How are adoption fees calculated?

Adoption fees are based on many factors but are not income or financial gain for the rescue and will not exceed a reasonable amount. Rescuing animals is an expense in itself. For example, many of the hamsters were transported from California, and I met the transporter halfway in between, which resulted in both myself and the transporter paying out of pocket gas expenses. Another example is when hamsters, pet mice or piggies are taken in but need to see the veterinarian a few times to start the rehabilitation process. These expenses take a toll on our finances but must be paid in order to operate. Adoption fees offset them.  

How can I help you or get involved?

There are many ways to help! Clicking on links on this WEBPAGE and making purchases is a way to help indirectly. Physical volunteering would be welcomed, indicate your interest by EMAILING and if you are able to send a donation through the rescue's AMAZON WISHLIST  Or through the CHEWY'S WISHLIST it would be very appreciated. 


501(c)(3) nonprofit status is approved. Donating cash is tax deductible.  PayPal has already been established for vet visit funds so please consider donating and a receipt will be emailed to you the first week in January.

To offset costs of running the rescue I am creating planners, journals and notebooks, linked below, to sell on Amazon. Each one will bring in between $2 and $4 and will go directly into the rescue account. 

Meal Planner

Weekly Planner

Book of Notes 

Hamster Idea Book

Hamster Care Planner 

Office Organizer


I found an injured wild mouse or an unattended litter of mice, can you help?

Wildlife centers are equipped to assist in this situation. There are many locations, and I am in the process of compiling lists so check back soon. But in the meantime, if you find a wild mouse or a litter of newborns without a mother around, checking online for advice is best. Many people set them up in hamster cages complete with water bottles and wheels and think that is okay. It really isn't. They are not pets. If those cages are inappropriate for domesticated hamsters, they are extra inappropriate for wild mice. Please Google what to do in the case of wild mice and all wildlife. There are trained specialists who are dedicated to these animals. Please note I do not take in wild mice here in the rescue home.


I found an injured dog or cat (or other domesticated animal)

There are emergency animal hospitals located throughout Tucson. Again, use Google to find the one nearest to your location. Each of these facilities will be able to scan the dog/cat for a microchip which is very important for reuniting pet and owner. If no owner is found, medical treatment costs would fall on the shoulders of the finder. I myself have been in this situation many times and it can be costly however it is the right thing to do for suffering animals.

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