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Hamster Adoption Requirements 

proper hamster care

These Requirements are in Effect to Ensure a
Happy & Healthy Life for our Rescues 

Hamsters, pet mice and Guinea pigs require special accommodations to thrive.  


*Pet mouse and Guinea pig adoption requirements will be verbally discussed during our initial phone conversation. 


Please read on for the hamster requirements which must be met prior to adoption.  Please note each foster is set up in cages with thriving in mind and these are available to purchase if you do not have your own appropriate setup.


Must provide 600 or more inches of unbroken floor space. A 50-gallon (200qt) Sterilite Stacker with a properly modified lid, or a 40-gallon breeder tank, or larger, or an Ikea Detolf, also with a DIY lid are all suitable.  If you have an appropriate large cage with bars, such as the Preview 528, I would like to discuss that with you to determine if the particular hamster you are interested in would thrive in it.

-For Syrians = an upright wheel measuring 10 inches or more in diameter, however some Syrians are larger than others and for them a 12-inch wheel is best. The largest saucer wheel is okay for a play area.
-For dwarf hamsters 8 inches or more is required for an upright wheel. The medium sized saucer is okay to use in a play area. The small size saucer is not suitable, not even for playtime.
***(Wire or mesh wheels is prohibited. All wheels must have a solid running surface).

Unscented paper-based bedding. Enough for at least 6 or more inches on one side of habitat. 
***(No cedar, pine or scented bedding and no cotton nesting material).

-Sand bath container that is appropriately sized with safe sand. 

** No bathing dust.
-At least 2 places to hide, 2 toys such as a climbing toy, bridge, cork log etc. And

2 Appropriately sized tunnels.
-4 or more different types of chews.
-At least 1 or more of either a foraging mix, foraging spray or extra seeds for scattering.

*Proper diet: 
-A high quality lab block. 

-A Quality seed mix with variety without artificial colors and minimal to no sugar and high in protein.
***Oxbow hamster food is prohibited

Prohibited List:

(This list will be thoroughly discussed prior to adoption)

-No breeding.

-No playing with or housing together with another hamster/mouse or other animals.
-No using a hamster ball.

-No rehoming to someone else (Your adopted pet must be returned to our rescue if you are unable to care for him or her at any time in their life).

-No bathing with soap and water.

-No bathtub bonding. (We have been notified of 2 separate incidents in which hamsters have accidently been squished during this outdated method to bond with your hamster.  We will discuss safer alternatives during the adoption process).

-No free roaming unless 100 percent safe. (Ideas for this will also be discussed).

-No withholding medical attention if needed.  

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