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Meet Our Sanctuary Animals 

Currently there are several little ones here unable to be adopted for various reasons


These precious ones live pampered lives in the rescue home!



Sweetpea is a survivor all the way around! Her owners were told by pet store employees this princess cage was perfect. Well, it isn't a good cage for many reasons but for Sweetpea, it almost took her life when her leg got trapped in-between the platform and the bars. A vet visit revealed a broken leg and torn ligament but to amputate would be more than the family could afford so they requested surrender. But, prior to intake she chewed her broken leg off, leaving behind bone exposure with necrotic tissue! Upon admission into Home Sweet Hammy Home, she received the lifesaving treatment she needed; the rest of her leg was removed in an emergency surgery at AZ Exotic Animal Hospital. Today Sweetpea has made a full recovery and loves her fully enriched cage and play area immensely. To see her run on her wheel, you would never even know she is a tripod!  Sweatpea is a pleasure to care for as a sanctuary resident!

Mama Maria & Queen Rosie

Mama and Queen Rosie.jpg

Mama Maria was surrendered to a shelter in San Bernadino California along with multiple other hamsters in a small cage. They were fighting and procreating of course so it wasn't a surprise when she was pulled by her foster papa she was not only pregnant, but was missing part of her lip too.


She gave birth to all her beautiful ham kiddos pictured here and they lived in foster care for almost an entire year while they waited for me to have room here in the rescue home to take them in. I have made the wait worth their while and created them each their own mini castle so they'll never want or need anyting for the rest of their lives. 


Tiny Tidbit

Tidbit has made it to age 3!!!

I have no idea how long he'll be with us but on July 9, 2023 he turned 3 and is STILL thriving bless him!! He is such a little old gentleman who LOVES his almond slices and walnut pieces every night. At his age he's allowed all his favorite foods as much as he wants!

Update: Tidbit passed away in November of 2023. He was the oldest mouse to have ever lived in the rescue. His passing was very peaceful, went to sleep and did not wake up. 

This is being left up in his honor.


Sunni & Mirabelle

Sunny was found in someone's yard as a 3-week-old baby mouse, dumped outside to fend for herself, probably rejected reptile food, that couldn't be bothered with, possibly one of many. Fortunately, she picked the right yard to appear in because the homeowner trapped and surrendered her so she could have her best chance. Upon admission she received veterinarian care and recovery food, and she grew into a beautiful fully rehabilitated girl who lives a great life along side her sister Mirabelle who was bread specifically as reptile food but had a change of fate when she was bonded to Sunni. The 2 call a large DIY cage home and have both been thriving for almost 1 year now!

Mirabelle and Sunni collage.jpg
Collage of 3.jpg

Hamsters Not Related

These 3 boys entered Home Sweet Hammy Home at various times throughout 2022 and 2023 and are Sanctuary residents due to individual reasons. Happy was old upon admittance so he is retiring here in style; Puppy underwent 3 surgical procedures and is an incredible survior in sanctuary and Archie entered Home Sweet Hammy Home with his mother and 8 siblings who were all adopted but him so he lives a life of luxury here with nightly playtime. 

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